Members not only network and compete with students from across the nation, they have opportunities to participate in programs designed for personal and career development. Outstanding members and chapters are also recognized for active participation and involvement in these programs.

Both California and National FBLA-PBL offer a number of programs for chapter and individual member recognition, scholarships for travel and education, and opportunities which include state and regional positions, grants, and internships. Click the links below to learn more.

Questions pertaining to programs and opportunities may be addressed to Kimberly Hong, Director of Programs at

Internship Program

Internship Program

We are looking forward to introducing a new program this year, our CAPBL State Officer Internship Program. This program is designed for any member who wants to get to know more about what state does and how we go about our duties as state officers. We are looking to show not only the workings of the State Officer Team but also you get a chance to be a part of our meetings that we hold. You will work with one state officer whom you're interested in working with. Our state officers this year consist of:

  • Billy Colston: Director of Operations and Conferences (
  • Andrew Lam: Director of Marketing (
  • Kimberly Hong: Director of Programs (

Each of the state officers will take up to three interns for the program and you will work directly with them over the course of the year.

In order to apply you simply have to fill out the google form.

If you wish to learn more about the program you can either reply to this email or email for more information.

Internship Program Sign Up Form

Next Top Chapter

Next Top Chapter

Here is your chance to prove your abilities and become the leading chapter in California.

The Next Top Chapter (NTC) is a program providing opportunities for local chapters to be recognized and honored for their year of hardwork and dedication. This chapter recognition program meant to not only measure your chapter’s productivity, but also serve as an outline for a chapter program of work and for the local chapter annual business report.  There will be three award levels: Platinum, Gold, and Silver. These levels will be determined based on total points. The winners will be recognized at the State Business Leadership Conference. Winners receive a monetary award and are considered for California PBL Gold Seal Chapter.


  1. Activities are divided into the four categories of the local chapter annual business report: Chapter Profile, Productivity, Recognition, and Businesslike Procedures.
  2. Chapter activities to be counted towards NTC must be conducted between the start of the previous State Business Leadership Conference and start of the current State Business Leadership Conference.
  3. Activities are to be tracked monthly and a point system will be used to tally the achievements of each chapter. The chapter with the most points will be the year’s California PBL Top Chapter!


The following document must be filled out and submitted by e-mail to by 11:59PM on Wednesday, March 15, 2017.

  1. Next Top Chapter Activities Form

Next Top Leader

Next Top Leader

The Next Top Leaders Program is an ndividual recognition program designed to give first­-time and returning members general knowledge of the organization while engaging them in local, state, and national activities. Through this program, local chapters will be able to promote membership retention and leadership development. Participants will gain basic knowledge and involvement of PBL while contributing to their own personal growth. Individuals who have completed the program will be recognized at the State Business Leadership Conference. If applying for the California PBL State Business Leadership Conference Scholarship, completion of this program is highly recommended.


  1. Only members who have PAID membership for the 2016-2017 membership year are eligible to participate.
  2. Participants earn points by completing activities described on Next Top Leaders Point Form.
  3. Activities to be counted towards Next Top Leader must be conducted between the start of the current school year and the start of the current State Business Leadership Conference.
  4. New members must reach a minimum of 140 points for “Fresh Start” Division and returning members must reach a minimum of 160 points for “Gold Star Division” to be recognized. Individuals who have completed the program will be recognized at the State Business Leadership Conference.


Individual participants must send their submission to and their local chapter representative by 11:59pm on March 15, 2017. Submissions should include the participant’s name, chapter, and the following items:

  1. The Next Top Leaders Point Verification Form
  2. One single PDF document containing all necessary file attachments

Member of the month

Member of the month

Member of the Month recognizes California PBL members who have made a significant, positive contribution to the development of their local chapter. Recognition will be awarded based on the chapter’s discretion. Individual members from each chapter will be featured at the beginning of the following month on the California PBL website and Facebook page. Additionally, all Member of Month recipients will be recognized at the State Business Leadership Conference.


  1. Local chapters can only recognize one member of the month, starting from April 2016 to March 2017.
  2. Only members who have paid membership dues for the 2016­2017 year may be recognized.
  3. Please submit the following for your Member of the Month: Name, Major, Year, Professional Headshot, and Short Description (3­5 sentences) that explains why this person was selected.


Submit all related materials through this form by 11:59 PM on the last day of each month.



California PBL State Business Leadership Conference Scholarship

This scholarship recognizes outstanding members of California PBL who have demonstrated a passion for the organization’s motto of “Service, Education, and Progress.” California PBL is pleased at the opportunity to recognize our leaders who have taken the initiative to better themselves through the organization.

Scholarship Amount: up to $600 cash award

Eligibility: Open to dues-paid members registered for the State Business Leadership Conference

Application Deadline: March, 2017 (specific date TBD)

Application Procedure: see details in the application.


PBL Distinguished Business Leader Scholarship

This scholarship is designed to recognize outstanding PBL members for their activity and involvement in the association. The number of scholarships given depends on yearly contributions to the PBL scholarship fund.

Scholarship Amount: Minimum of $500

Eligibility: Open to PBL members who plan to continue pursuing a postsecondary or postgraduate education. Applicants must be dues-paid members of PBL. PBL members must have achieved the Executive or President level of the CMAP program.

Application Deadline: April 1st of every year

Application Procedure: Each application must be accompanied by a one-page cover letter summarizing PBL, business, leadership, and community activities; a resume outlining PBL activities, educational achievements, etc.; and two letters of recommendation, one from a chapter adviser and the other from a business/community leader. Applications must meet all of the criteria to be considered.


PBL National Leadership Conference/Institute for Leaders Scholarship

The PBL National Leadership Conference (NLC)/Institute for Leaders (IFL) Scholarship is a program funded through the diversion of $1 of each member’s national dues. The purpose of the scholarship is to award outstanding PBL members with scholarships that serve as leadership investments to assist members in attending the NLC or the IFL, which is held in conjunction with the NLC each year.

Scholarship Amount: The NLC Scholarship amount will be $400 and the IFL Scholarship will be $115.

Eligibility: Members who wish to be considered for a PBL NLC or IFL scholarship must be on record as having paid local, state, and national dues by April 15 and submit an application and accompanying materials by April 15 to the national center.

Application Deadline: April 15th of every year

Application Procedure: Submit the application form and three (3) copies of the following information in one manila file folder:

  • Transcript of Grades.
  • Two letters of Recommendation. One letter must be from the candidate’s local or state PBL adviser. Each letter should be limited to no more than one page and should highlight the applicant’s PBL activities and leadership skills.
  • One Page Essay. The topic for the essay is: “How Has PBL Enhanced Your Leadership Skills?”

Recognition Programs

Recognition Programs

California PBL Gold Seal Chapters

The Hollis and Kitty Guy Award recognizes outstanding local chapters that have actively participated in projects and programs identified with the goals of FBLA-PBL. California PBL nominates two (2) of its local chapters immediately following the State Business Leadership Conference to be recognized at the National Leadership Conference. Selection is based on chapter participation in the Next Top Chapter (NTC) Program and submission of a Local Chapter Annual Business Report for state competition.

President’s Award

The President’s Award recognizes members who have shown superior leadership and dedication to California PBL. The State President shall select those who have gone above and beyond in their contributions to the state chapter. These members will be awarded by the State President at the Awards of Excellence ceremony at the State Business Leadership Conference.

Who’s Who in California PBL

California PBL helps chapters honor their most outstanding member and leader who has made a difference in their local program. Nominees are listed in the conference program and honored at the Awards Dinner. Additionally, one honoree from the state chapter will be selected for national recognition.

Submit the nomination form with the SBLC Registration Worksheet to ensure recognition for your nominee.

National Programs

National Programs

Please note that the following is only a selection of programs available. For a more comprehensive list, please refer to your chapter’s Chapter Management Handbook provided by National Headquarters.

Individual Achievement Programs

Chapter Achievement Programs

  • Outstanding Chapter Recognition Program
  • Membership Recognition Awards
  • National Membership Awards
  • Membership Achievement Award
  • 100% Class Participation
  • Professional Division Membership Recognition Award