California PBL Main Office


614 S. Broadway
Santa Maria, CA 93454


(559) 909-1012

State Officers

Robert LP Buono

State President
P: 702.373.1051

Ryan Elazegui

Director of Marketing 
P: 925.640.1784

Nanki Ahuja

Director of Membership
P: 925.875.8824

Andy Li

Director of Operations
P: 650.868.1327

TiNa Vejar

Director of Programs
P: 626.476.1179

State Management Team

Glenn Morris

CFO, State Adviser, &
National FBLA-PBL Board Chair
P: 559.909.1012

Danielle Tolentino Tuason

State Officer Consultant &
State Adviser
P: 562.682.8531

Tiffany Perez

Competitive Events Manager &
State Adviser
P: 626.758.2131

Jessica Ha

Volunteer Manager &
State Adviser

Kristina Truong

Alumni Manager &
State Adviser
P: 714.757.7208

Billy Colston

Chapter Recruiting Manager
P: 925.918.3835

California PBL STARS

Join California PBL STARS (State Talent and ResultS).  This is a team of dedicated Alumni who provide help when it counts.  This team aids the State Management Team in delivering the PBL program in the State of California.

Jamie Hirami

Jason Ishibashi

Jimmy Nguyen

Julie Pham

Kevin McNulty

Leader Emeriti & Leader Alumni

California Phi Beta Lambda embraces our heritage understanding that who we are today is directly correlated to where we came from.  We are proud of these past leaders and look forward to seeing them come back to conferences and events.

Leader Emeriti

Our Leader Emeriti gave, and continue to give, many hours and great care to the members of California Phi Beta Lambda.  They has served as an ambassador for the organization and embodied the ideals of Service, Education, and Progress.  We are extremely proud of Lona and Danielle, and we are thankful for their steadfast dedication to California Phi Beta Lambda.

Lona Kwan
Communications 2004-05
Business Relations 2005-06
State President 2006-07
State Adviser 2007-09
CA FBLA Southern Section Dir. 2009-14
CA FBLA Competitive Events Coord. 2014-16
State Adviser Emerita 2016-18

Danielle Tolentino Tuason
Vice President 2002-03
State President 2003-04
Western Reg. VP 2004-05
National President 2005-06
CA FBLA South. Sec. Dir. 2006-09
State Adviser 2006-16
State Adviser Emerita 2016-19 State Adviser 2019-2020

Christopher Tuason
Secretary-Treasurer 2003-04
State President 2004-05
State President 2005-06
State Adviser 2006-17
Executive Director 2014-17
State Adviser Emeritus 2017-18

Leader Alumni

Jonathan Abelarde
Business Relations 2006-07
Business Relations 2007-08

Nanki Ahuja
Membership 2019-2020

Cynthia Bernal
Programs 2016-17

John Bueno
Membership 2004-05

Robert LP Buono
Membership 2018-2019
State President 2019-2020

Dorothy Chan
Communications 2007-08

Angela Chao
State President 2009-10

Tracy Chen
State President 2016-17

Billy Colston
Operations & Conferences 2017-18
State President 2018-19

Danielle Dayto
Business Relations 2012-13
Programs 2013-14

Nelson De Leon
Public Relations 2003-04

Ryan Elazegui
Marketing 2019-2020

Joseph Gazmen
Programs 2004-05
National Parliamentarian 2005-06

Mark Gray
Programs 2018-19

Jessica Ha
State Adviser 2012-present

Kimberly Hong
Programs 2017-18

Johnzel Iniba
Partnerships 2016-17

Jason Ishibashi
State Adviser 2009-present

Kim James
Vice President 2003-04

Dillon Johnson
Membership 2018-19

Harmin Kaur
Communications 2013-14
STARS 2015-present

Michael Kek
Business Relations 2004-05

Pooja Kini
Member Relations 2018-19


Tammy Han
Programs 2015-16

Valerie Hsieh
Membership 2007-08

Lillian La
Membership 2005-06

Andrew Lam
Marketing 2017-18

Minh Le
Programs 2012-13
State Adviser 2018-2019

Michelle Lee
Membership 2013-14

Felmer Lenida
Marketing 2015-16

Andy Li
Operations 2019-2020

Bryan Lim
Programs 2008-09
Business Relations 2009-10
State President 2010-11

Sarah Liu
State President 2011-12

George Lupercio
Communications 2006-07

Dheemanth Manjunath
Membership 2010-11
Membership 2011-12

Kevin McNulty
STARS 2012-16
State Adviser 2016-17
STARS 2017-present

Aye Thida Min Din
Membership 2015-16
Operations 2016-17

Glenn Morris
FBLA-PBL National Staff 1996-2001
CA FBLA Exec. Dir. 2001-04
Executive Director 2001-14
State Adviser 2001-present
FBLA-PBL National Board 2016-present

Michelle Nakaji
Communications 2005-06
Alumni Relations 2006-07
State President 2007-08
Western Reg. VP 2008-09

Jimmy Nguyen
STARS 2017-present

Kevin Nguyen
State President 2014-15

Stephanie Nguyen
Business Relations 2008-09

Yvonne Nguyen
Programs 2009-10
Programs 2010-11
Executive VP 2011-12

Imran Noorali
Communications 2012-13

Angad Singh Padda
Membership 2014-15

Michael Paez
Membership 2008-09

Jaclyn Perez
Membership 2009-10
Communications 2010-11

Tiffany Perez
Communications 2014-15
State President 2015-16
State Adviser 2016-present

Julie Pham
Programs 2014-15
State Adviser 2015-17
STARS 2017-present

Arcadio Torres
Membership 2008-09

Diana Truong
Communications 2008-09
Communications 2009-10
Membership 2010-11

Johnson Truong
State President 2002-03

Kristina Truong
Programs 2011-12
State President 2012-13
State Adviser 2016-present

TiNa Vejar
Programs 2019-2020

Amanda Wong
Programs 2005-06

Lisa Xiang
External Affairs 2018-19 Western Region Vice President 2018-2019

Bonnie Xiao
Membership 2012-13

Andrew Yang
Programs 2006-07
Alumni Relations 2007-08
State President 2008-09

Florence Yu
Membership 2012-13
State President 2013-14
STARS 2014-present

Briana Zhao
Membership 2009-10
Business Relations 2010-11
Western Reg. VP 2011-12