LOS ANGELES, California (November 15, 2015)

California Phi Beta Lambda announced that Rishabh Bindal is vacating his role as Director of Partnerships effective today.  Rishabh started working with The California PBL Alumni Collective and leaves several other projects.

  1. State President Tiffany Perez will continue the Partnership forged with The California PBL Alumni Collective. 
  2. Director of Programs Tammy Han will work with The California PBL Alumni Collective on developing structures to unite PBL members with PBL alumni.
  3. Business Relations Associate Harmin Kaur will pick up Bindal's partnerships with industry.

"We regret losing Rishabh, and wish him well.  We hope he continues to be involved with Phi Beta Lambda both at USC and at California PBL events," said State Adviser Jason Ishibashi.