Financial Literacy


Financial Literacy

California Phi Beta Lambda is an organization that focuses on business education. As part of that, we want all of our members to be knowledgeable on one of the most present subjects in this day and age: financial literacy. 

Here are activities that our members can participate in on the individual level as well as resources to use that you can share with your members. 

Financial Literacy Achievement Program

Financial Literacy Achievement Program

FLAP is a comprehensive leadership and membership recognition program for college students who take it upon themselves to be financially literate and spread their knowledge to their peers. It utilizes PBL projects, goals, and programs to help college students develop their leadership, financial knowledge and job skills, with a special emphasis on financial literacy development and preparation for their futures. Members work independently through three integrated levels:

  • Bronze

  • Silver

  • Gold

Members may complete more than one level per year and will submit appropriate documentation for each activity.  Once a member completes a level, they do not need to re-do that level the next year to qualify again, however points earned do not carry on to the next year.  Note that the prerequisite for each level is the level(s) before it. Each level builds upon previous work, and students receive recognition when they complete each level. Students must be PBL division members.

Although members can complete all activities and levels on their own, Chapters will benefit as well. Points will be awarded for each member’s level completion (Bronze – 5, Silver – 10, Gold – 15).  As Chapters are different sizes, to make it fair, the winning Chapter each year will be selected based on the percentage of members who complete each level.

  • For instance, if a chapter has 20 members and they have 10 members complete the Bronze, 5 complete the Silver, and 4 complete the Gold, they would have a final score of 26.7% (160 points out of a total possible of 600 points).

  • Similarly, a chapter with 80 members and 50 Bronze, 10 Silver, and 10 Gold completers would earn a score of 20.8% (500 of 2400 possible points).

The winning Chapter will be awarded bragging rights and a surprise prize.

Make sure to start now and spread the word to your fellow members!

Financial Literacy Achievement Program Guidelines